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Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center has two components: The Math Center and The Writing Center.

The Learning Resource Center works in conjunction with the faculty to provide individual and group tutorial services to personalize, fortify, and enhance scheduled classroom instruction in the disciplines of writing and mathematics.

Free drop-in tutoring is provided by peer tutors, faculty, and volunteers from the Holy Cross Community. Check the current schedule for availability of our tutors.

Math Center

The Math Center is located in the center of the faculty offices. Our services include drop-in tutoring and availability of videotapes and other math resources.

Click here for the Math Center schedule.

Writing Center

The Writing Center is located in the center of the faculty offices. Consultants assist writers with pre-writing, writing, and revision of essays, term papers, college/job applications, and personal creative writing. Clients are served by appointment as well as on a drop-in basis.

Click here for the Writing Center schedule.