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Computer and Software

Computer and Software

Recommended Computer Configuration

We recommend a modern desktop or laptop computer for the bext experience on campus. A guidline for minimum specifications would be:

NOTE:  Holy Cross College is a Windows campus.  While a Macintosh (or Linux) computer will work fine for everyday needs, you should know that all lab, classroom, and faculty/staff workstations run a Windows operating system.  Additionally, support on campus for Macintosh computers may be less robust should you encounter hardware or software problems.

Recommended and Required Software

Other Considerations

Computer and Software Discounts

Holy Cross College participates in the Dell University program. Through this program, HC students, faculty, and staff can receive a 2-12% discount on new computers and computer equipment based on the warranty chosen and price of the system. Click the link below to browse items in their online store.

Dell University

Although Holy Cross College does not offer our own discounted software for purchase, Microsoft is making their Office products available at a discounted rate to all college and university students.  Follow the link below to purchase this software at a substantial savings.

Microsoft Student Store