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College Success      Program College Success      Program

College Success Program

The College Success Program (CSP) is a unique one-year academic support program that has been developed to assist students in successfully transitioning from their high school educational experience to the academic demands of collegiate study. It can be particularly effective for the student whose academic record suggests that additional academic preparation and support will enhance the chances of a successful and rewarding experience.

CSP is comprised of a three-part-plan. It includes:

  1. A three credit hour Fall course (College Success and Liberal Arts),
  2. Bi-weekly meetings throughout the whole first year with the CSP Director to develop and maintain a personalized success plan,
  3. Grade monitoring every four weeks in both the Fall and Spring semesters.

College Success and Liberal Arts (Fall Session)
This course will begin with the adjustment to college from high school and will cover study skills (note-taking, test-taking, critical thinking, reading, speaking, and writing). We will discuss many of the stress inducers that present themselves in college and how to successfully manage these stressors. Students will also learn time management through classroom activities and mandatory use of a daily planner.

In addition to learning all the skills necessary to be successful in college, this course also meets the Introduction to Liberal Arts core requirement. As a Liberal Arts institution, Holy Cross wants every student to understand their education and feel connected with our philosophy. We will discuss the history of Holy Cross, the value of a Liberal Arts education, and help students explore possible majors and vocations. Students will be asked to attend college functions and reflect on their experiences through critical thinking and their newly gained knowledge of Liberal Arts.

Spring Session
Continuing into the Spring will be the bi-weekly meetings with the CSP Director. The CSP Director will monitor academic success every four weeks through) progress reports and continue to encourage the use of on-campus resources.

Advantages of the Program
1. Develop a personalized success plan with the CSP Director/Academic Advisor
2. Build confidence in academic abilities through the development of great study habits
3. Learn to utilize on-campus resources to successfully adjust to the demands of college
4. Maintain constant awareness of course grades through the first year