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Policies and Handbooks

Employee Handbook

Faculty Handbook

     Faculty Assembly Bylaws

     College Senate Bylaws

     Final Examination Procedure

Organizational Chart (09-12-14)


Human Resources

Employment Application

Applicant Disclosure and Release

Summary of Your Rights

Applicant Self Identification

Reporting and Non-Retaliation and Non-Retribution

Sex Offense and Harassment Policy


Other Policies

Key Financial Standards Policy (03-05-14)

Code of Conduct (03-05-14)

Financial Services Vacation (03-05-14)

Barter (03-05-14)

Sale/Disposal of College Property (03-05-14)

Interaction with External Auditors (03-05-14)

Gifts and Gratuities (04-23-14)

Investment Policy Statement (10-21-11)