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Matt Florian Lands US Navy Museum Internship

Matt Florian Lands US Navy Museum Internship

Matthew Florian, Kalamazoo, MI native and History major at Holy Cross College, in Notre Dame, IN has landed an internship at the Navy National Museum in Washington D.C.

Florian's application and writing sample were selected from among dozens of applicants to the Naval Heritage Command. He received word of his selection after interviewing with Dr. Edward Furgol, the curator. Florian will be working at the museum from June to August with a ten-day break in July to return home to work with the Civil Air Patrol in Michigan.

This internship requires an avid interest and substantial knowledge of American history as well as impeccable writing skills and the curiosity and focus to conduct research. Florian's responsibilities will include creating advertising graphics, research for exhibits, and cataloguing contributions. "I was so excited to get this internship," says Florian, "I have always been interested in military history and have always wanted to work in Washington D.C." His future plans are to earn a PhD in History and go on to teach at the collegiate level.

Matthew, a native of Kalamazoo, MI, graduated from Msgr. John Hackett Catholic Central High School in 2005. In addition to his interests in military history, he is a musician who plays the sousaphone and tuba in the Notre Dame Marching Band, University Band, Pep Band, and the Tuba Euphonium Ensemble.