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History Professor Cortes achieves great academic honor!

History Professor Cortes achieves great academic honor!


Experiential learning,  a core pillar of Holy Cross College, benefits faculty members as well as students.  Dr. Angel Cortes, Assistant Professor of History, will attending a national conference on the Gilded Age this summer at Stanford University.


One of only 25 participants selected from across the country, Cortes says he is excited about the opportunity to exchange ideas with people whose works he has assigned in classes he teaches at Holy Cross College.


"This is special because it allows me to come into contact with other professors who also teach the Gilded Age," says Cortes, "and that exposure will benefit me by learning what their approach and strategy is to this period.  The more we learn about this time period, about the more modern it seems."


The Gilded Age, the long period from the end of the Civil War to the turn of the 20th Century, was once considered by some as "an embarrassing backwater of American History."  According to conference director, Professor Richard White of Stanford University, that period is now appreciated as a more direct link to modernity.


Cortes says he is looking forward to focusing on the Gilded Age, a topic dear to his heart, and comparing the last 30 years of American history with that earlier time period.  Mass immigration, deep cultural conflicts, technologies that have transformed daily life, bitter ethnic and religious conflicts and a pervasive sense that the country has lost its moorings are issues common to both eras.  Participants will examine how to learn from the past without turning it into a mirror for the present; Cortes is anxious to relay that information to his students at Holy Cross College.


"I'll be able to come back to share how other people are thinking about it and maybe different strategies they're using in their classrooms," says Cortes.  "I'm very interested in the use of technology and how other people are using it to teach the Gilded Age."


Sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges, "The Gilded Age" seminar for faculty members takes place July 14-19 at Stanford University.


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