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Major success at an early age

Major success at an early age


St. Joseph's High School graduate, Harvard University Graduate, Rhodes Scholar, major corporate consultant, Naval Reserve Officer and now Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Pete Buttigieg has worn many hats, all successful layers to his life story.  Peter is one of the youngest mayors of a major U.S. city and a rising political star.  He will share his path to success as the next speaker in the Holy Cross College series Practical Lessons in $uccess.  The event takes place Wednesday evening April 17th at Holy Cross College at (special time) 7:15 p.m.


Buttigieg is a South Bend native having spent his early years less than a mile south of Holy Cross College.  In a relatively short time his energy and drive earned him impressive credentials in the private and public sectors.  He returned to South Bend to enter politics and immediately earned success when elected mayor in 2011.  He took office as South Bend's Chief Executive in January, 2012.


As the chief executive Buttigieg supervises the enforcement of municipal codes and state laws, appoints and supervises department officers, and communicates with the Common Council on financial issues and policy affairs.  He also serves as the representative for the city and its residents for special events and ceremonies.  His goals for the city include strengthening the local economy by retaining and attracting businesses, partnering with the local public school system, managing a cutting-edge and transparent city administration while providing safety and security by empowering neighborhoods throughout our community.


 As if that wasn't enough he performed Rhapsody in Blue with the South Bend Symphony Orchestra earlier this year.


Holy Cross College business seminars present real world business perspectives and success stories in an open, friendly, academic environment.  "Practical Lessons in $uccess" augments the academic experience, yet will contain valuable insights for any business executive in today's highly competitive business environment.  Members of the Michiana community are welcome to attend the presentations.  Mayor Buttigieg visits the Holy Cross College Wednesday, April 17th at 7:15 p.m. (special time) in Driscoll Auditorium on the campus.


Seminars are free and open to the public and will be followed by a reception.   


Find information on Holy Cross College by visiting: www.hcc-nd.edu.