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Celebrate United States Marine Corp birthday

Celebrate United States Marine Corp birthday

NOTRE DAME, IN  (October 26, 2012) On November 10th, Holy Cross College will host its 9th annual Marine Corp flag raising, in honor of the Marine Corps' 237th birthday.

Marines from the Notre Dame NROTC and the United States Marine Corps Reserves, along with those from around the South Bend area and those affiliated with Holy Cross College, will join in honor of the Corps' birthday. 

Celebrations will be held worldwide on November 10 as a result of Gen. John A. Lejeune's order on November 1, 1921, which provided a summary of the history, mission, and traditions of the Corps.  Gen. Lejeune directed that the order be read to every command, each subsequent year on November 10, in honor of the founding of the Marine Corps. 

The order will be read in locations across the United States, Afghanistan, and worldwide, wherever Marines are found.  Celebrations range from silent observations in an austere locations, to more ceremonial readings.

The local flag raising will take place at 8am at the Col. Brian Regan Flag Complex, located on the campus of Holy Cross.  The public is welcome. 

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