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Residence Life Contract

Please completely read the form below, and fill out the indicated areas. It is recommended that you print this page for your future reference.

Personal Information


This "Residence Life Contract" must be completed before being considered for housing. To continue the process of housing registration, you must agree to abide by Holy Cross policies and procedures outlined in this contract. You are also required to verify that your $200.00 Housing Deposit has been submitted.

Living in a Holy Cross College residence hall is a privilege accompanied by considerable individual and collective responsibility. Carefully read and become familiar with the contractual information to which you need to accept in order to proceed.

Holy Cross College agrees to provide residence hall accommodations and meals according to the academic year schedule. Students agree to become members of the residence community, to adhere to and support the college rules and regulations as found in the Holy Cross College Student Handbook.

The student also agrees to pay the College the prescribed fees and be subject to the terms and conditions below. By submitting this contract students understand the costs being agreed to and accept financial responsibility.

  1. This housing contract is for the entire academic year. The student shall be entitled occupancy of the residence hall after noon on the opening day announced prior to each semester. A $750 Contract Cancellation Fee will be assessed to the account of any student who moves out of the residence halls prior to the expiration of the contract. Releases from residence life contracts will be granted only in the event of withdrawal from the college, or serious extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control. Requests to be released from this contract must be submitted in writing along with appropriate documentation to the Dean of Students no later than December 1. Students withdrawing from residence halls or who are removed due to student conduct will be subject to the College's refund policy as stated in the student handbook.
  2. This is a residence hall and food service contract. The combined agreement is binding when submitted by the student and assigned by a representative of the College. This contract does not guarantee a specific room or type of assignment, but rather housing accommodation. Every effort will be made to assign rooms, type of accommodation and roommates based on information provided by the student, provided applications have been received in a timely manner. The agreement may not be transferred, sold or re-assigned to another student.
  3. Housing is NOT available during Fall Break, Christmas vacation, or Spring Break, as determined by the Residence Life Calendar. All residents are responsible for their own housing during these periods. Resident students involved in school sponsored trips/activities will be accommodated. However, the Dining Facility will be closed during these breaks as well as during the extended Thanksgiving and Easter weekends. Closing hours will be posted prior to each break period. Residents with specific needs, may request as much as a 24 hour extension to remain in the residence hall past the posted closing at the end of each semester. The college reserves the right to deny such requests, and if granted, to charge the student $30 per day of approved extension.
  4. The College reserves the right: (a) to change or cancel the room assignment of a student for reasons of health, conduct detrimental to the living group, failure to attend class on a regular basis, or violations of regulations; (b) to enter any room for the purpose of inspection, authorized search, inventory, or repair; (c) to levy and collect charges (individually or collectively) for damages to or unauthorized use of or alterations of rooms, equipment, and hall properties; (d) to approve all guests in the residence hall. The College will make no refund of deposit or fees paid for the semester if the student is suspended or dismissed from the College, or asked to leave College housing by the Director of Residence Life for violating the Housing Contract or College policies or regulations. College housing is available to full-time students. Continued housing for students falling below full-time status (12 hours) will be at the discretion of the Director of Residence Life and the Dean of Students. Students who withdraw from the College or from all of their classes must leave campus housing immediately.
  5. Each student will be billed a $350 Damage Deposit to cover room and common area damages. Damages occurring during the year will be assessed to the student account. Any amount of this deposit not used to repair or replace damaged property will be returned within 90 days of when non-returning students check-out of the residence halls, provided the student has not been dismissed from the residence halls due to conduct or grades, or has not voluntarily withdrawn from the residence halls prior to May.
  6. The College shall have no responsibility for theft, destruction or loss of money, valuables or personal properties belonging to or being in custody of the resident from any cause whatsoever, whether such losses occur from the resident's room, the storage room, or public areas. EACH RESIDENT IS ENCOURAGED TO CARRY HIS/HER OWN PERSONAL PROPERTY INSURANCE.
  7. Holy Cross College reserves the right to notify parents of residents who are found to be responsible for violating college policy regarding alcohol, drugs, acts of violence, and residents who have attempted or threatened to cause bodily harm to themselves or others.
  8. The contract is valid when it is accompanied by a $200 Housing Deposit and $100 Enrollment Deposit. Both deposits will be held by the college and applied towards the student's housing/tuition bill. If the student cancels his or her housing contract on or before May 1, 2014 (or December 1, 2014 if moving in at the Spring Semester) the deposit will be refunded. If the cancellation occurs after May 1, 2014 (or December 1, 2014), this deposit is forfeited. Early submittal of contract and reservation deposit will improve the prospect of being assigned a room according to your requested preference, as space is assigned on a first come, first served basis.
  9. Prior to moving into the residence hall, all residents shall be required to submit a completed Holy Cross College Health Form.

NOTE: Because of the serious consideration which the college gives to this contractual agreement, each student is urged to read thoroughly the terms and conditions before submission to the college. Notification must be submitted in writing within one week of submission of this contract to disclose any reason that may prevent you from fulfilling this contract. Those who anticipate not being able to fulfill this contract for the entire academic year will be accommodated on a space-available basis.

  • ALL fields must be completed before submitting.
  • Information will not be saved if you cannot complete all fields below in one session.
  • Please do not use the ENTER or RETURN key while filling out this form. Use the TAB key to move between fields.

Describe your student status

Select the term(s) for which you are applying for residence

Person(s) to be notified in emergency

Room and Board for 2014-15 (per Semester)

2014 summer housing - $500.00 (no meal plan included)


All rooms are equipped with a bed, desk, desk chair, wardrobe or closet and computer port for each occupant. Price also includes the cost of internet service, basic cable, and laundry facilities. Students have a choice of either using their cell phone or the college phone system for phone contact purposes in their dorm room. If a student chooses to use the college phone system then voice mail is provided at no charge.

There are a variety of housing accommodations available on campus. In addition to the apartment style residence hall we also have single, double, and triple occupancy rooms. A small number of double rooms have a private bathroom. Current HCC students will select their rooms for the upcoming school year in mid April. In late May Residence Life staff will begin to carefully hand-match new incoming students with their roommates / room requests, based on the selections made on the Residence Life Contract. While sorting through hundreds of contracts and matching individuals by hand is a time-consuming process, there are no guarantees that conflicts will not arise. Please keep in mind that living with people from other cultures and backgrounds is also an integral part of the college experience.

Housing applications will be considered on a 'space-available' basis. As a general rule the sooner you apply and submit all the necessary paperwork the better your chances of getting your preferred housing. All resident students will be able to view their room assignment through the HC Portal (Look inside the "Popular Pages" window at the top of this and every website page. Sign into the portal using the username and password that are assigned from Admissions upon successfully being admitted to the college). The housing roster in the HC-Portal will be updated periodically.

You will NOT have immediate notification of where you will be living as soon as you have completed the Residence Life Contract and sent in your $200 Housing Deposit. Confirmation of your housing deposit may take up to 5-7 business days.

In order to ensure that we best understand our future residents, it is asked that neither parents nor any other proxy answer the following roommate preference questions.

Do you have a physical disability or a medical concern which would affect your room assignment?

Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

1. What kind of a relationship do you want in a roommate?
2. How do you feel about your roommate using your belongings?
3. How often do you clean your room?
4. When does your average day begin?
5. When does your average day end?
6. How would you describe your sleeping habit?

7. Please check the three (3) types of music that you listen to and enjoy the most:

Alternative Gospel Popular
Broadway Heavy Metal Punk
Classical Jazz R and B
Christian Latin Rap
Country New Age Reggae
Dance Oldies HipHop
Folk Opera Other

8. Please check the three (3) ways you most enjoy spending extra time:

Arts Movies Religion
Comm. Service Music Road Trips
Computers Outdoors Sports
Dancing Partying Television
Dining Photography Theater
Family Reading Video Games

9. Describe your personality
10. You prefer a roommate who is

Social Environment: Each roommate has a primary right to the room to which he/she is assigned. With the permission of one’s roommate, guests may be invited into the room.

11. How social do you prefer your room to be?
12. With the level of noise in my room when I am studying, I

Neither smoking nor alcohol is permitted in any Holy Cross Residence Hall. However, as smoking and alcohol consumption manifest themselves in individual behavior, they may impact on roommates.

13. Myself:
14. My roommate:
15. Myself:
16. My roommate:

17. Please rank in order of preference from 1 through 7, with "1" being most important and "7" being least important.

* only available for men (Anselm Hall).
** available in Pulte, South, and Anselm Halls only.
*** Upperclassmen only. You must CLICK HERE to read and accept the additional addendum.

18. If you have a particular person you want to room with, type their name here. (NOTE: Roommate requests must be mutual.)

19. Please provide any other important information that should be taken into consideration when placing you in the residence halls. None of the information taken in this survey will be shared outside of the Office of Residence Life.

Student's Personal Health Insurance Information


The contract is only valid when it is accompanied by a $200 Housing Deposit. Once receipt of housing deposit is made by Residence Life staff your completed housing application will be processed. Please allow 7-10 business days for processing. Please submit your deposit now:

  1. Click here
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions

To continue the process of housing registration, you must agree to abide by Holy Cross policies and procedures outlined in the Student Handbook and included in the contract above. If you so agree, please check "I accept" below (required to proceed).

IMPORTANT: If this contract is being completed by any person other than the student applicant (i.e. parents), STOP. This contract is between the college and the student applicant. While parental involvement is recommended, do not proceed beyond this point until the STUDENT has read this contract.

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