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What Mission Team members are saying about their experience...

"I love Mission Team!! I love the people and learning about the Church. I am so excited about next year's Mission Team that I can't wait to come back after the summer. God has really graced me with love, patience, and an increased knowledge of my wonderful Catholic Faith, dear friends - I could go on for a while!"
     ~ Krystal Sherman

"I really do enjoy being a part of the small community that has formed because of Mission Team. I acquired a better knowledge of the Catholic faith and because of this, I can defend my faith much better. I have also grown closer in my faith which is due to the Mission Team Classes and obligations like Adoration."
     ~ David Wilkerson

"Mission Team provides me with a community that shares the same interest and goals as I do. It also provides an opportunity to give to the HC Community in the way we live out our everyday lives in service and leadership. I have become more active in school and have grown a lot from my service opportunities. The community of the Team is amazing."
     ~ Ellen Ludwig

"MT has given me a great base of faith and a great support network of friends to talk to when I have a bad day. I gained the benefit of the prayers from fellow Mission Team members, the support and guidance of the Men's Group Meetings, and actually re-learned how to pray during this past year, which is something I have been struggling with."
     ~ Matt Florian

"I developed friendships, grew in my beliefs, and became better in apologetics. I would like to continue growing in my faith and supporting the HCC community."
     ~ Shannon McGrath

"Mission Team really helped me to strengthen my faith during this academic year. It has left me inspired and ambitious to go out into the community and share my faith with everyone I meet by the example of my life. I felt that throughout this year my awareness of the deep spirituality of the Catholic faith has been enhanced - example: I have come to appreciate how salvation is offered to all; one more thing among many benefits is that I have met new friends to share my life with."
     ~ Neuman Jones

"I enjoy the people that are a part of Mission Team and the commitments of Mission Team really do challenge me which I need. I have acquired a renewed love of daily mass and miss it when I am not able to attend. I have also benefited from many of the friendships I made that wouldn't have been made elsewhere."
     ~ Amanda Bell

"I have been in this from the start! This is going to be my third year!!!! Woo! I wish to help still because I think I am better organized and have been kept involved in my faith. Mission Team has also kept me close to some good people, which is helpful when you work hard all day around all kinds of different people."
     ~ Tom Policinski

"I LOVE YOU MT! I love it and it is such a part of my life. I am more spiritually focused and have made great friends."
     ~ Jessica Green

"Some benefits, I acquired from Mission Team was one, the financial scholarship, but most importantly to me was the wisdom and knowledge of my faith obtained from Mr. Kloska, Mr. Griff, and our guest speakers."
     ~ Anthony Suh

"I have acquired more appreciation and knowledge of the Catholic Religion."
     ~ Anne Marie Martin