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Alumni Testimonials

From: Catherine Ficker
Sent: Monday, September 09, 2013 5:46 PM
To: Ball, Charles
Re: New email address

Mr. Ball,

Hope you are doing well. Thanks for asking about what I am up to. I have been working two part time jobs all summer as I have been hunting for full-time work in this area.

I recently accepted a full-time position working as an assistant activities director in a nursing home in South Bend called Signature Healthcare (the facility use to be called Regency, and it recently changed ownership and is now Signature. The nursing home is off of Ironwood, just north of Cleveland.)

I am very happy to have this job, working in activities with the elderly has been a dream job of mine for a number of years. (In fact, my mock-job interview with you was for such a position!) I am looking forward to being with the residents there and learning how to love and serve them well.

Catherine Ficker