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Orientation FAQ

Q: When is Fall Orientation?
A: Saturday, August 23rd-Monday, August 25th, 2014

Q: Do I have to attend Orientation?
A: Yes, all students new to Holy Cross College must attend Orientation

Q: What happens at Orientation?
A: New students will meet other new students and CREW leaders, learn about Holy Cross and what is has to offer, move into residence halls, and complete all tasks needed to  become a Holy Cross Saint!

Q: Where can I find out more information about Orientation?
A. Join the Holy Cross College Class of 2018 Facebook page for updates or contact your admission counselor for more information.

Q: When do classes begin for Fall 2014?
A: Tuesday, August 26th

Q: When can I move into the residence hall?
A: Saturday, August 23rd after completing the Registration Checklist

Q: When and where do I pick up my Student ID?
A: Monday afternoon, August 25th at the Activities Call-Out

Q: What will my mailing address be at Holy Cross College?
Your Name
54515 State Road 933 North
PO Box 782
Notre Dame, IN  46556

Q: How do I find available JOBS on campus?
A: Student may log onto Moodle or attend the Activities "Call Out" Fair on Monday, August 25, 2014, at the Pfeil Center from 12-2 p.m.

Q: Where can I find my Textbook Prices?

  1. Go to the HC Portal.
  2. Students choose fall 2014 & click search.
  3. Go to the right side of the screen & click details.
  4. View textbook information, and it will bring up all the textbook information for each class.

Q: Where can I find all Residence Hall Information?
A: Click here.

Q: How do I contact Security?
A: Security may be reached at (574) 239-8312.

Q: What is necessary to know about Arrivals and Departures in Residence Halls?
A: Students should arrive on campus during the hours stated in the Orientation schedule.  Early arrivals are not permitted, unless approved by the Director of Residence Life.  Late arrivals should notify the Admissions Office.

At the end of the fall and spring semesters, students must leave the residence halls the day of their last exam. Exam schedules are available ahead of time. ALL students must vacate the halls before 6pm on the published day of hall closure.

Q: What is Housing Check-In?
A: When students check into their rooms at the beginning of the year, it is very important for them to complete a Check-In Form, noting any damage to the room seen prior to the student moving in. At the end of the year, every room on campus and each apartment are inspected by the Director of Residence Life and a charge for any damage found in the room is added to the student's account.

Q: Where can I find technology information?

Q: Who do I contact about Housing Accommodations?
A: Contact the Director of Residence Life at (574)239-8390, or

Q: What is Early Housing Registration?
A: Early Housing registration is held each April to secure housing for the next academic year. ALL current students are encouraged to participate to ensure their housing accommodations for the Fall.

In order to secure their housing, every student needs to complete these requirements:

Q: What are Mandatory Hall Meetings?
A: Students in the residence halls are required to attend any scheduled mandatory all hall meetings. The date, time and location of each hall's meeting are posted in all the residence halls.

Students will be required to attend the beginning of the year meetings, scheduled during Orientation.

Q: Who do I contact about my Dietary Needs?
A: We realize that some students may have special dietary needs. Please contact Jacob Tannehill at for more information.

Q: Does Holy Cross College provide Transportation for students?
A: Holy Cross College does not provide transportation from the South Bend airport. Students must provide their own transportation to and from the airport. It is the student's responsibility to arrange transportation.

Q: What should I bring?
A: Click here.

Q: What are the Lodging options for Families for Orientation?
A: Click here.

Q: Where do I find the Driving Directions to Holy Cross College?
A: Click here.