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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

The Holy Cross Tuition Lock is our commitment to help students and families more effectively plan for and afford the cost of attending and graduating from Holy Cross. We guarantee that undergraduate students will have the same tuition rate as the year they enter for four academic years, as long as the student remains enrolled for 4 consecutive years.

2014-15 Tuition/Fees and Room/Board (Academic Year)

Annual Tuition and Fees (Full-time, 12-19 hours)


Annual Room and Board



Other Fees

     Per semester hour if greater than 19 semester hours


     Part-time per semester hour if less than 12 semester hours


     Part-time comprehensive fees for less than 7 semester hours per semester


     Annual Comprehensive Student Fee


       * Guest students are charged at part-time rate and fees


     Lab/ Studio Course Fee (typically Science and Art courses)


     Graduation Fee


     Global Experience Travel Fee


     Instructional Music Courses (guitar, piano, voice)


     Bursar's late payment fee *


     Transcript Fee


Summer Session


     Summer semester per semester hour


     Summer semester apartment (food service unavailable)


     Summer semester fee


  * -A Bursar's late payment fee of $250.00 per semester is charged,  IF payment in full or payment plan is not made until after the due date.  Due dates are, Fall Semester - August 1, and Spring Semester - January 1.


Make an Online Payment through the Portal 

To make payment on your Account Statement follow these steps:

  1. Logon to the Holy Cross College Portal using your first initial/last name and your 9 digit student ID number. 
  2. Under the "Business Office" tab, Click on "Select a Term". Choose "Fall 2014".
  3. Under the "Business Office" tab, Click on "Account Statement - Estimated" tab.

Scroll down and enter the amount you want to pay in the payment box. Click the 'Submit Pay' button and follow the directions from PayPal.


Financing your Out-of-Pocket Expense

Terms of Payment

All students are required to pay in full by the first day of the month that classes begin, 'The Original Due Date' of the fall semester is August 1; spring semester January 1.  If a payment plan is approved by the Bursar, the student MUST complete the required Holy Cross Approved ACH Payment , including providing a social security number, to the Bursar. At least ½ the balance owed must be paid by the original due date, and the remaining ½ balance can be paid through automatic payment deduction from an eligible financial institution in the United States, in up to three equal installments.  A $250 Bursar's Late Payment Fee will be charged to all student accounts that have not paid in full by the original due dates or have NOT signed up on the official Holy Cross College Payment Plan by the original due dates.  There are a range of other possible consequences that could result from failure to comply, including but not limited to: student id deactivated, student account suspension, scheduled classes can be dropped, and/or students can be referred for student judiciary action.  

For the Fall Semester the original due date is August 1, on an approved payment plan the entire balance must be paid in full by November 1.

For the Spring Semester the original due date is January 1, on an approved payment plan the entire balance must be paid in full by April 1.

For example, if your balance owed for the fall semester is $9,000, at least $4,500 must be paid by August 1.  50% of the balance.  Then with an approved automatic debit payment plan make $1,500 payments on September 1, October 1, and November 1.   

For the Summer Session the entire balance must be paid by the first day of July.

The Holy Cross College student account is available to access on the website portal at:

Forms of payment accepted are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cash, an official bank check or money order and by personal check.

A student who is in debt to the college at the completion of any semester is not permitted to register for the subsequent semester, nor entitled to receive an official transcript of credits or grade report.

Payment Plan
HCC Approved ACH Payment Form