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Guidance Counselors

Welcome to Holy Cross College! As a small, private, liberal arts college in Notre Dame, Indiana, Holy Cross has been serving students for over 50 years. A four-year school with a heavy emphasis on relationship-based education, Holy Cross prepares each individual to be a competent employee, a responsible citizen, and a strong leader.

The easiest way to find out more about Holy Cross would be to contact the admission counselor for your school. Your counselor is the source of a wealth of information concerning Holy Cross and can provide you wealth any materials necessary.

What kind of student would be best served by Holy Cross?

The Holy Cross curriculum offers an experiential, relationship-based liberal arts program. This program focuses on forming students academically, socially, and experientially. The Four Pillars of Holy Cross form a foundation on which coursework builds upon. Holy Cross seeks to ingrain specific transferable skills into each class, producing well-rounded students with real-world skills. Any student seeking a small, liberal-arts college with a desire to become an experienced leader in the working world.

Our students, using their practical liberal arts education, are prepared to enter a variety of fields. Students find success in our classrooms because of the individual attention that students receive both in class and outside of the classroom.

Located adjacent to Saint Mary's College and the University of Notre Dame, Holy Cross students can have the best of both worlds—a college community within a university setting.  The three CSC (Congregation of Holy Cross) institutions share a common Catholic mission and resources for student to enjoy, including libraries, marching band opportunities, ROTC programs, athletic events, and many student organizations.  So, even though our immediate community is small, our students are able to take part in a broader collegiate community which provides a wide variety of opportunities.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Holy Cross College. Feel free to refer your students to us if you think that they would be a good fit! Below are some convenient links to answer questions your students may have.

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