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The Center for Global Perspectives

The Center for Global Perspectives

Think Globally;  Act Locally:  Global Perspectives as a cornerstone of a Holy Cross education

A new and exciting global perspectives sequence awaits you at Holy Cross College.  Dedicated to the mission of the Brothers of Holy Cross, a 4-credit hour experiential global perspectives experience will mark your college career with a growing awareness of cultural diversity and global solidarity.  In a three-credit classroom experience students are exposed to the complexity of our global economy, environmental challenges, education and poverty needs, religious diversity, the cultural impact on global security, and the preservation and distribution of natural resources.  Through guest lectures, web courses and discussions, you will begin to gain the competence to see the world as a global citizen and impact the direction of your life.  This course is the gateway to a one-credit experiential seminar, which takes you to a local community of international origin and culture in the United States.  Global discussions come to life as you engage in these local multi-cultural experiences.  Current seminars include Latino Immigration and Culture (includes daytrip to "Little Mexico" area of Chicago), Christian-Muslim Dialogue (includes daytrip to Arab-American community outside Detroit) and International Refugee Awareness (includes exposure to South Bend Iraqi community).

The four-credit hour global perspectives sequence completes your global perspectives core requirements.  Additionally, most Holy Cross students will then take part in a longer immersion experience to the countries where the Holy Cross brothers, sisters and priests are directly engaged in ministries of education and service to the poor.  Our students have the opportunity to travel to Brazil, Ghana, India or Peru for a two-week cultural mission trip.  These locations are places where Holy Cross College students can connect with the Congregation of Holy Cross network. While on location, students stay at Holy Cross retreat centers and each day go out on day trips to experience life in these developing countries.  Faculty members accompany the students and serve as trip leaders and coordinators.

Participation in this Through the Eyes of Faith Global Experience Program is based on a comprehensive application process.  Application is made after the completion of the four-credit global perspectives core sequence with most students traveling during the summers of their sophomore and junior years. 

Although the majority of expenses for these trips are covered by tuition, there is a one-time course and administration fee which helps defray the costs of airfare, travel insurance, food, lodging, and travel in the host country.

Application for Global Experiences


In the summer of 2000, a group of 12 bold pioneering students led Holy Cross College into Africa. Since then, HCC has offered this course as part of our growing Center for Global Perspectives Program.  The Ghana Experience focuses on examining that great land through the eyes of faith. We spend over two weeks alongside the amazing Holy Cross Brothers, a group of young, vibrant men of faith. They host us at a beautiful retreat center and accompany us as we explore Ghana.

We encounter some of Africa's most profound historical and ecological sites including the old slave prisons that held untold millions of Africans when the coast of Ghana was the center of the slave trade.  We also explore the world famous Kakum Rain Forest, home to a unique canopy walk -- rope bridges that allow you to walk among the treetops! Through the Brothers' ministry we also encounter the deep Christian faith that has the Church there literally dancing for joy.

The Congregation of Holy Cross Celebrates 50 Years in Ghana


The Congregation of Holy Cross in Lima, Peru operates one of the largest parishes in the entire world -- over 200,000 people! They run a school for thousands of poor children which follows the educational philosophy of the Congregation of Holy Cross -- to educate hearts and minds. Our students participate by helping to teach English and Religion at the school. We also get involved in the Holy Cross ministry for persons born with severe birth defects, who are often neglected by family and society in third world settings. In addition, each year the Holy Cross College group takes a special concern for a chapel in the parish doing repair and improvements to the building. The historical and visual highlight of the trip is the hike to the ancient mountain retreat of the Inca leaders, Machu Picchu, one of the "Seven Wonders of the World." 


For over 150 years, the Congregation of Holy Cross has served in Asia. Beginning in Bangladesh and then moving to India, this is one of the fastest growing regions for the Brothers, Sisters and Priests of Holy Cross. The Church is very active in India even though Christianity is a minority religion there. Holy Cross is involved in several schools, parishes and other ministries, which our students visit and serve during their trip. We travel to see the cities of Delhi and Bangalore, both of which are rapidly growing and connected to the global economy. Our students also encounter the urban poor and rural farmers who have yet to experience the benefits of progress.



Celebrating 50 years in Ghana

The Congregation of Holy Cross is celebrating 50 years in Ghana. We at Holy Cross College join our brothers and sisters in Ghana in commemorating this monumental and joyous anniversary!

The jubilee was launched December 2nd. Here are some photos from the happy occasion:

Celebrating 50 years in Ghana

We at Holy Cross College are always particularly delighted to see new images of Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson. Many of our students have met with His Eminence when they travelled to Ghana, and he has also travelled to the College to speak at Commencement and receive an honorary doctorate.

Music is a large part of Ghanaian tradition, and here are some songs from the jubilee:

Congregation of Holy Cross District of West Africa Holy Cross Anthem:

Behold the Cross our only hope,
We model our lives on the Holy Family,
We educate hearts and minds,
Men with hope to bring,
Educators in the faith.

O Holy Cross, Spes Unica;
O Holy Cross, Spes Unica;
Work for all proclaim to all