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History Minor Requirements

Required Courses, must take all of the following:

HIST 101 or 102 Western Civilization I or II 3
HIST 151 or 152 United States History I or II 3
HIST 401 History Sources and Methods 3
HIST 421 Senior Seminar in History 3

History Electives Must choose four of the following:

HIST 234 Latin American Culture and Civilization
HIST 323 Greek Civilization
HIST 324 Roman Civilization
HIST 325 Rome: The Art, Culture and History of the Eternal City
HIST 326 Medieval Europe I
HIST 327 Medieval Europe II
HIST 330 Specialty Topics in History
HIST 331 Renaissance and Reformation
HIST 332 Early Modern Europe
HIST 333 Nineteenth-Century Europe
HIST 334 Twentieth-Century Europe
HIST 335 Church History
HIST 351 Colonial America
HIST 352 Revolutionary America
HIST 353 Republican America
HIST 354 Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 355 Gilded Age and Progressive America
HIST 356 Modern America
HIST 357 America Since 1945
HIST 358 Latin America
HIST 359 Catholic Church in America

Minor Total Credit Hours: 24