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What is Psychology?
Psychology is one of the youngest of the sciences - only about 125 years old as a recognized discipline. By studying psychology, one gains a great understanding of the function of human behavior, brain function, and the interactions of the human being in a society.

Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes. Its goal is to describe, understand, predict, and control those functions. The study of psychology also develops critical thinking and independent decision making in students.

Why Study Psychology?
Interest in human beings, our motivations, and our behavior is your best prerequisite for studying psychology. A background in psychology is a fundamental underpinning to many of today's hottest fields including sales, marketing, education, nursing, social work, human resources, and law enforcement. Careers that lead directly to psychological testing, research, or therapy generally require further graduate school study to find employment.

The program at Holy Cross is an excellent launching pad for graduate school admissions.
Because psychology is a relatively new science, psychologists are often innovators, developing new ways of understanding human behavior. In addition, there is an increasing demand for therapists, researchers, clinicians, and all other positions in the field. Researchers develop theories and test them. As this research yields new information, these findings become part of the body of knowledge that practitioners call upon in their work with clients and patients.

What are the goals of the Holy Cross College Psychology Program?
The Psychology major at Holy Cross will provide students with the opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of psychology. The psychology program features a core curriculum that emphasizes the scientific and empirical bases of psychology. The goal of the program is to produce graduates with critical thinking skills based on their knowledge of the principles and methodology in psychology. The major will provide the background necessary to pursue graduate education as well the basic skills for the practical application of psychological principles.

Why should I choose Holy Cross College Psychology?
The Psychology Department at Holy Cross College offers an innovative, exciting program in psychology. In addition to traditional psychology classes, innovative learning opportunities such as the International Congress program are offered. Furthermore, classes are taught by both academic psychologists and practicing clinicians. Advanced classes focused on psychopathology in adults and children are offered as are other classes that prepare the psychology major for a graduate program.