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Communications Course Requirements

For the Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, the following requirements must be met:

120 total academic credit hours, including:

Required Speech/Communications Courses:

COMM 310 Nonverbal Communications
COMM 330 Intercultural Communications
COMM 350 Organizational Communications
COMM 410 Strategic Business Communications
COMM 415 Media/ Communication Ethics
COMM 496 Communication Theory/ Research

Note: COMM 101 Public Speaking, COMM 102 Interpersonal Communications, PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology, IDST 250 Service Learning, IDST 278 Global Perspectives Seminar, IDST 400 Internship, and IDST 499 Capstone are part of core requirement and must be taking as part of the communication degree program.

Required Fine Arts Elective: (choose one)

ARTS 100 Visual Literacy
ARTS 101 Two-Dimensional Fundamentals
ARTS 104 Graphic Design I
ARTS 202 Graphic Design II
ARTS 205 Digital Photography
ARTS 321 Web Design
THTR 130 Film as Art and Communication

Required option: Choose three of the following as recommended by advisor:

COMM 205 Introduction to Mass Communications
COMM 220 Intro to Public Relations
COMM 320 Journalism I
COMM 315 Writing for Media
COMM 325 Journalism II / News Writing for Internet, TV and Radio
COMM 331 Marketing Management
COMM 335 Persuasion
COMM 340 Broadcasting
COMM 341 Consumer Behavior

Your academic advisor will recommend at least 4 electives from the above list depending upon your area of concentration.