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Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

The answers to today’s most pressing human issues require complex understandings that lie at the intersection of literature, history, philosophy, economics, political sciences and theology—this intersection is the basis of Holy Cross College’s Liberal Studies program.

Your multidisciplinary education at Holy Cross will prepare you for an unbelievable life of service and understanding in the global community, and our unique Global Immersion Experience program will give you firsthand exposure to different cultures and lifestyles around the world.

Entering the workforce with a Liberal Studies degree will give you an advantage in any career where global understandings are valued, and this major is particularly popular as a Pre-Law or Pre-MBA course of study with its focus on actively utilizing wisdom. Our major is flexible and encourages exploration of our wide array of minor programs to enhance the richness of your education.

Completing the Liberal Studies Major

In addition to the Liberal Studies courses, students are required to obtain at least one concentration in another discipline offered at the college. The purpose of obtaining a concentration is to understand the basic principles and problems of a discipline, in the hope that they will bring the wisdom gained from liberal studies to the discipline in which they will ultimately study or work. This concentration will also help students prepare for graduate work in their field of their choice. 

The flexibility of the liberal studies major allows students who are concerned about building their resume to acquire the skills they need to be competitive in the job market. More importantly, the liberal studies classes will help them mature into the kind of thinkers that are sought after in the job market. The liberal studies major is also recommended for students who plan to obtain Masters' and Ph.D.'s in other disciplines.