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Bachelor of Arts in History

To understand history, a student must first understand two things: time and memory. History is more than just a study of the past; rather, it is a study of the remembered past-the critical discovery, collection, and interpretation of human memory over time. The study of history enables us to better understand who we are, how we got here, and where we are going. Furthermore, for Catholics, history assumes a special meaning-it is the "arena in which we see what God does for mankind." [John Paul II, Fides et Ratio 12]

Why Study History?

History only begins with the memorization of dates and facts. Properly understood, history involves analysis and understanding of peoples and societies, of the process of change, and, ultimately, of our own culture. It is essential to understanding not just our past, but also our present and our future. History enables us to make sense of events by allowing us to comprehend how things change, what factors cause change, and why elements of our culture endure or fall away. And at its best, history can grant us the ultimate freedom by liberating us-after a fashion-from the constraints of time itself.

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Goals of the History Program at Holy Cross College

The history program at the College prepares students for graduate study in history, as well as other fields (such as law, politics, administration, journalism, librarianship, and so on) which make use of the transferrable skills it teaches. History courses offer students the opportunity to enrich their knowledge of their culture, their country, and their world through exposure to both survey and period-specific courses.

The specific goals for the history program include (but are not limited to):