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The Holy Cross College Teacher Education Program:

Bachelor of Arts in Education

The education department prepares teachers to transform the lives of their future students. The Teacher Education Program at Holy Cross College has the following goals:

  1. To prepare competent minds and compassionate hearts of future teachers so that they can transform the lives of their future students;
  2. To prepare teachers who are passionate, life-long learners that see teaching as a vocation;
  3. To prepare teachers who are compelled to act on behalf of all children, especially those marginalized by society

Holy Cross College Principles of Teaching

Folded into these principles are the following:

The Holy Cross principles are organized into three domains:
Passionate Teachers;
Content Knowledgeable Teachers; and
Reflective Professionals.

Graduates become...

Passionate Teachers

Content Knowledgeable Teachers

Reflective Professionals

Education Program:

Elementary Education and English as a New Language (K-6)

The curriculum in the teacher education program is designed to prepare beginning teachers for public, private, or parochial schools. The program has defined its core beliefs to establish the competency base of its graduates. Competence is also demonstrated by the completion of academic requirements as well as field requirements necessary to be considered a novice professional ready for a teaching career.

The Elementary Education Program will prepare candidates for a dual license in teaching children in grades K-6. The inclusion of the second area of English as a New Language (ENL) reflects the acknowledged need for beginning teachers to be culturally competent in working with children from all language backgrounds.

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