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Bachelor of Arts in Business

A business major is excellent preparation for many careers or graduate schools. At Holy Cross, you will grow in confidence as you learn to successfully navigate the commercial and financial sectors of society.

The philosophy of the business program is based on a practical application of the liberal arts. You will learn important skills and knowledge about the business world, while growing in your appreciation of how truth, goodness and integrity are directly relevant to local, national and global commercial activities. The specific tenets of the business program are:

Because of the college's commitment to its Catholic, Holy Cross educational mission, students completing a business major are expected to have developed a well-formed conscience as well as business acumen. The program is intended to produce professionals who possess a sense of business as a vocation--a calling from God--not merely as a source of income. As future leaders, they will understand that their work must be conducted so as to contribute both to their own good and also the good of others. The business program therefore is designed to educate in a distinctly Holy Cross manner.

Holy Cross College does not offer multiple business majors. We do this for a reason: we believe it serves our students well. Rather than narrowly specializing in one area such as accounting or marketing, for example, a Holy Cross business major not only learns the fundamentals of business, but also learns how to learn for a lifetime, how to adapt to change, how to ask the big questions, and how to pursue wisdom.

Studying business at Holy Cross College is a great choice for careers in business, law, management, sales, marketing, and any entrepreneurial pursuit. Because it is integrated with our liberal arts core curriculum and the other required experiences, students completing the business major will have both practical skills and knowledge of business principles and practices that are learned within the context of Catholic social teaching.

Tom Burzycki, Business Program Director

The business program is directed by the 2010 Holy Cross College Excellence in Teaching Award winning professor, Thomas Burzycki. The award is given to the faculty member who draws the most votes from students, faculty and staff. Student nominations emphasized Professor Burzycki's ability to both challenge and support--a key trait in a good professor. A perennial student favorite, Professor Burzycki began teaching at Holy Cross in 2005 after retiring from a highly successful 35-year career as a business executive. His last position was President of Conn-Selmer, a subsidiary of Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc., an international musical instrument manufacturing company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.