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Academic Majors and Minors

Customizing your Academic Experience and Credentials

At Holy Cross College, your future career will not be limited by the specific major you choose. By mixing and matching a major with a minor, a professional internship with extra classes through the N.I.C.E. program, service learning and a senior project, you can develop an expertise in an area that will help you prove to potential employers that you are the best qualified recent graduate for almost any specific career goal.

What is your career goal? Be sure to talk to one of our academic advisors to help you customize your four-year plan. Here are three popular examples of a customized program:

International Business Earn a major in Business and a minor in Global Perspectives and/or a minor in Spanish. Use your Global Perspective Experience trip to research business development in the country you travel to. Work with our Center for Discernment and Preparation to plan an internship with a multi-national trading company.

Public Relations Earn a major in Communications with a minor in English Literature and Writing, Visual Arts-Graphic Design Track, or Business. Try out as a writer for the Observer, intern at a Public Relations firm in the Michiana area or in a city of your choice during the summer.

Social Work Major in Psychology with a minor in Sociology or Gerontology. Intern and/or do your service work with a social agency or non-profit.

Academic Majors




English Literature and Writing


Liberal Studies


     Pre-Law Track

     Pre-Med Track




Visual Arts:

  1. Graphic Design Track
  2. Studio Art Track
  3. Art History Track

Academic Minors

Biotechnology Minor Requirements

Business Minor Requirements

Communications Minor Requirements

Education Minor Requirements

English Minor Requirements

Gerontology Minor or Certificate

Global Perspectives Minor Requirements

History Minor Requirements

Liberal Studies Minor Requirements

Marketing Minor Requirements

Political Science Minor Requirements

Psychology Minor Requirements

Sociology Minor Requirements

Spanish Minor Requirements

Theology Minor Requirements

Sports Management Minor Requirements

Visual Arts Minor Requirements